If you are having a new home or additions built the builder is responsible for providing a termite risk management (TRM) system for the work. However, the home owner is responsible for conducting regular checks of the home to identify if there is any termite activity. You should find out about the different systems of termite risk management.

Termite attacks are not limited to wood house frames and roof structures, they can also attack wall linings, including plaster board, cupboards, skirtings, windows and door frames, carpets, plastic coating on electrical wiring and even furniture, books, artwork, clothing and personal papers.

If you’re building a new house, you may also wish to investigate the option of using steel frames and roof trusses in order to help minimise the attraction of termites, borers and rot.

New technology and treatments for TRM systems are constantly evolving. Do your research and discuss with your builder, and if necessary, seek further advice.

TRM systems differ depending on whether your home is built on:

  • a concrete slab-on-ground or
  • a raised (or suspended) floor.
  • Termite risk can be minimised when an effective TRM system is in place and you carry out regular checks.

    Systems that can be used include:

  • chemical barriers
  • physical barriers
  • termite resistant materials
  • minimum termite risk construction
  • landscape considerations.
  • Irrespective of the system you choose, regular inspections of the property are required for early detection of any termite activity.

    If you buy a house that’s new, make sure that you find out what type of TRM system is in place and that you get any associated certificates.

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