Expert Witness, & NCAT Reports

We can carry out inspections and prepare reports in matters that may be subject to litigation, arbitration, NCAT or Office of Fair Trading matters when mediation and resolution has been unsuccessful. We also provide fully costed Scott Schedules based on standard accepted costing manual for your claim.

The reports and any evidence given will be in accordance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct, as an Independent Consultant.
Our Expert Witness Reports are compliant with the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and NSW courts system requirements.

We can assist with the resolution of disputes, representing the owner, owner’s corporation or contractor, and aim for equitable and fair outcomes.

Our reports will be considered accurate and directive in terms of regulatory compliance for the following reasons.

I have provided literally hundreds of court CTTT and NCAT inspection reports.

I am a building engineer with an honours degree in building, a Clerk of Works Carpentry and Joinery certificate of proficiency and thirty years inspection construction and development experience in the industry. Project management of major Government and Private industry infrastructure, service installation, contract management and quality control has provided background inspection experience for me. With literally thousands of previous report production and 100’s of client representation for individuals, tribunal and court matter allows us to provide the best quality service to you. This has also shaped my understanding of regulatory requirement, services requirement and compliance.

In this respect our factual reports, coupled with qualification and detailed compliance requirement can be used for instruction about the matter to the tribunal.

For provision of an “Expert report” for submission to the Tribunal New South Wales Civil Administrative Claims Tribunal, which specifically detailed requirements for report submission and costing details. See also your requirements for information in regards to your dispute with the client;

NCAT Preparation Documents required from client;

  • Contract or agreement, parties involved.
  • Brief written description.
  • What are the defects?
  • Plans & specifications
  • Have you discontinued the contract? And on what basis?
  • What stage is the work at?
  • Court/NCAT details
  • If you have not already provided these, please do for us to proceed to the inspection of the premise.

    We can examine the work in relation to Australian Standards and statutory and regulatory standards. In this way the report can be legally enforceable. The condition and compliance can be tested and measured in this way. We will examine the contract and its attached references such as the plans and specifications. We will provide our view on the responsibilities in relation to the work and dispute.

    Without a site visit it would not be possible comment on the work. So it is essential to do a site visit and preferable that we have viewed the “scope of works” documents well ahead of that site visit. Thank you for providing these documents. They are of great assistance prior to visiting the site and prior to compiling the report. We can then provide a report in relation to these compliancy or factual issues.

    However in terms of enforcement of your rights under the contract (the expert report is still necessary) you may or should also consult a solicitor. Appropriate procedures must be followed for acceptance of evidence and claims. A solicitor could be engaged after submission of our report. Gauge and determine this, if resolution can be achieved prior to Tribunal hearing. If the matter was to proceed to tribunal full hearing, we suggest you seek leave for representation at the hearing by a solicitor. This is due to the complexity of the documentation presentation and procedural requirements at a hearing.
    You have established and provided details of the agreement and or contract specification and plans illustrations. Or the arrangement details that constitute the agreement.
    A time line chronology of events from start to finish should be provided to the solicitor and us. The details you have provided should suffice.

    The value of a report would be to determine the compliance in relation to regulations, contract, variations and original agreement. This would be a standard special purpose report $1650.00 value, for the defects report and report documentation for presentation to the Tribunal or Court. Specific requirement for tribunal expert witness submissions must be adhered to for acceptance. As the matter is already at the tribunal hearing stage it is essential to provide the File No. of the case and any orders in regards to the expert witness directions with the documentation also.
    To provide a court or NCAT documents after an initial defect report, statement, resume expert witness and declaration preparation of expert witness documents in the format required by the NCAT as compliant evidence submission would be $1650.00 value for most standard matters.
    For court or tribunal attendance. We charge $295.00 per hour (excludes GST) with a minimum of four hours.
    We also provide “Scott Schedule” however depending on the complexity and details this will involve additional hourly rate costs of $295/ hour exclusive of GST. In many cases issues can be resolved at the defects report submission stage and not wind up at a full hearing at the tribunal. Without the additional cost of preparation of any costing.
    We are bound by the courts code of conduct in these matters.
    In order to confirm you wish to go ahead with the appointment; prior to attending we require security of service payment by credit card, either MasterCard or Visa. All the inspection companies use the same system. Please call to provide your remittance and any further instructions, as this is necessary to confirm and lock in your appointment.

    Please provide name address and a suggested time for inspection and our office will provide a booking time generally between 10.30am and 2.30pm week days.

    Kind regards,

    Paul O’Donnell B.Bldg Honours
    CSI Building Consultants
    Ph: 0450288005
    Office: 95234663

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