Some points we look at when inspecting a property.

Gardens close to walls of a house.

Drainage around the house, particularly if the external ground is higher or equal to the internal floor level.

Gardens do not cover vents on the outside of a house. This can lead to internal mildew attack.

Large trees whose trunks are approximately two metres from the house. Tree roots can often cause cracking of walls and driveways.

Guttering and downpipes connections. These can cause differential movement to footings if left.

Rising damp to the internal walls could be related to a more serious and costly problem with in the structure. It will cause mildew growth and flaking paintwork.

Rotting timbers under and around the shower area within the dwelling. A leaky shower could affect wall frame timbers.

We check for structural movement. An indication of this is signs of cracking in the external and internal walls, especially around cornices. Cracks around doors and windows are common and are not as serious. Binding doors may indicate structural movement we will evaluate if this is related.

We check cracks that follow the course of the brickwork and determine the nature and seriousness of the problem. The solutions can be expensive.

Note: You should get a professional pre-purchase inspection carried out on your prospective home.

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