CSI Building and Pest Inspections are committed to Integrated Pest Management strategies and in doing so provide the highest level of pest management and customer service to our clients and maximise the safety of you, your family, pests and the environment alike. We use the safest but the most efficacious products to deliver all your pest management needs. All our field staffs are tertiary qualified and are all fully licensed. All our treatments have little to no odour and are applicable to all residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Our Pest Inspection Services Include:

General Pest Treatments

General Pest Treatments cover all areas of the property including the sub floor, roof void, exterior of the structure, interior including gelling kitchen cupboards and roof void. This treatment covers you for webbing spiders, silverfish, common ants and cockroaches. A twelve month internal warranty applies.

Specific Pests

We provide a huge range of services for a large number of pests and situations such as: German cockroaches, spiders , ants, silverfish, biting insects, flying insects, stored product pests, moths, millipedes, bird lice, bed bugs, bird control, bird proofing and Rodent control just to name a few.


We have a number of different treatment options for termites. The treatment option often comes down to your personnel preference but more often our recommendations are made based on what suits your structure and the actual situation. We have chemical treated zones Exterra. All our termite work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also provide pre construction termite work with a range of products including chemical soil treatments such as Biflex and physical barriers such as Homeguard.

Commercial and Industrial Pest Management

We already provide a vast array of pest services in a range of commercial and industrial environments including public and private schools, hospitals, surgeries, cafes, restaurants, child care, aged care, warehouses and factories to name a few. We tailor a specific pest program for each of our clients based on the needs of the site and the intensity of the pest infestation. We provide a pest folder and register for each site allowing you the client to view and record pest activity and to allow registered access to Material safety data sheets and easily read records of pest treatment for council and HACAP regulations.


We provide a number of Inspections including: Pre Purchase Inspections, Termite Inspections, Invasive Inspections, Special Purpose Timber Inspections(Invasive, Thermal Imaging and Microwave) Pest Identification Inspections.

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