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Special purpose property reports

A special-purpose property report would normally cover the same items as a building inspection (pre-purchase property inspection) report but it may also include:

  • an estimate of the cost of fixing major problems
  • a list of minor problems
  • a recommendation of the repairs and maintenance work needed.

Check with the building consultant on what information they normally include in their pre-purchase property inspection reports and inform the consultant if you require additional information.


Pest inspection reports

While the building inspection report should identify any visual damage caused by termite activity, it won't include the detection of whether termites and other timber destroying pests still exist. You should consider getting a pest inspection done as well as the building inspection, especially if the property is located in an area where termites are known to be a problem.


Pre-sale (vendor) building reports

Vendors will sometimes get a building report on the property they are selling so they can give it to interested buyers. While this can be helpful, it is better from your point of view to get your own independent report.

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